Devishi Seth

Being Bridges

Bridging different human experiences, clay connects us to one another. Our bodies molded, through clay, act as an extension of the Earth. Becoming a mediator that bridges us to the spirit underlying all phenomena. Being Bridges expands on the duality of ceramic and human bodies.

As clay brings us together, we use this material to become a bridge for society and to produce a meaningful future. Through ceramic vessels, we can simultaneously reflect and shape our reality through our fingertips. The desire to create with this malleable medium is present across time, across cultures, and across ideologies. The exhibition celebrates the infinite ways in which this amorphous material is used to bridge this everlasting expanse.

The NCECA 2024 conference theme, Coalescence, plays an important role in Being Bridges as it taps into the power clay has, how it shapes us, and our desires to create. How it becomes a spiritual extension of oneself, affecting every particle of our bodies.

Being Bridges brings together six young artists from diverse backgrounds and explores the interconnection between spirituality and clay—how a state of aliveness is experienced through clay while transforming relationships within oneself.

March 19th, 2024 to March 23rd, 2024 at Art Works Inc., Richmond, VA

Organized by Devishi Seth