Devishi Seth

Open Waters: Permeating Territories

Water, the basis of existence, its free-flowing essence, is present within us. Like water, people take shape and adapt to the places they are displaced into. Our undaunting spirit to adapt and change to our surroundings. Oceans and seas are fed by the mountains where the compressed water remains and stays captured. Once unleashed, it liquefies and spreads, taking over more space, seeing new places, and changing its qualities to adapt to a new world. This exhibition addresses the ever-happening acculturation across continents. Like water, we are constantly traveling to new destinations, learning new information, and gaining knowledge that gets deposited in our minds and becomes a part of our identity. 

Devishi Seth and Uma Kamat from Namaste at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago are excited to take this concept and explore it through the diverse practices of our artists. Like water, we are ever-transforming, flowing, and adapting to our new homes.

March 31st, 2023 to May 19th, 2023 at the South Asia Institute, Chicago, IL

Curated by Devishi Seth and Uma Kamat